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Bee Protection In Santa Barbara & Surrounding Areas

Protecting Your Property By Rehoming Native Pollinators

We might not all love the humble honey bee, but we all understand just how valuable they are for our ecosystem. Not only do they help to pollinate our local flora, but they also play a vital role in crop production. Unfortunately, bee populations can be dangerous or even threatening when located near human habitations, which is why their careful removal is critical for both humans and insects.

Jhonny's Pest Control, Inc. is highly conscious of the importance of honey bees in our community. In order to help save these beautiful creatures, we provide holistic services that relocate colonies without harming their queen or their home. Our environmentally conscious home pest solutions are perfectly equipped for any and every situation — no matter what!

How Jhonny's Pest Control, Inc. Provides Bee Protection

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Honey bees often create their nests near the attic and eaves of a home which can cause problems for people and pets, as aggressive bees attack any passersby who appear to be a threat. Unlike other companies, Jhonny's Pest Control, Inc. believes in protecting the hives at all costs. We refuse to destroy the original nest and instead relocate the comb safely to a suitable location.

Next, we will repair any damage done by the bees. We will seal any entrances they used to get into the house and allow our construction division to handle the rest. These services protect the colony and allow households and other commercial property owners to preserve Mother Nature as much as possible.

The professionals at Jhonny's Pest Control, Inc. are outfitted by highly trained beekeepers, all of which have a heightened level of experience with managing pollinating animals. We are proud to service the protection of bees throughout the relocation process. The bee's safety is our number one concern from beginning to end!

Other Ways To Keep Bees From Nesting In Your Home

Aside from working with a professional beekeeper, there are some simple things that you can do to discourage nesting honey bees. First, remove any water sources near your home. Bees are attracted to moisture, so eliminating pools of water will help keep them away. You can also trim back any nearby trees or bushes, as these provide ideal nesting locations for bees. Finally, make sure that you seal up any cracks or openings in your home's exterior to make it more difficult for the bees to get inside.

If you're still having problems with bees nesting near your home, give the professionals at Jhonny's Pest Control, Inc. a call today. We would be more than happy to help you relocate honey bees at a glance.

Jhonny's Pest Control, Inc. Is Standing By To Help

If your Santa Barbara home is struggling with local pest issues, give our home pest control technicians and commercial exterminators in Santa Barbara and surrounding areas a call to relocate them quickly and efficiently. We understand the importance of these insects and pledge to protect them at all costs. With Jhonny's Pest Control, Inc., you can be sure that we always have the environment in mind. 

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