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The Safe Way To Remove Black Widow Spiders From Your Santa Barbara Property

black widow spider making a web outside the house

If you made a list of all the reasons people hate spiders, it would be a lengthy one. For one, they can be very sneaky; it’s hard to notice them before they come near you. For two, many create gluey webs that you might accidentally walk into. For three, they’re uneasy to look at with their throng of eyes, angled legs, and oblong bodies. Last but not least, they have venom and sharp teeth. To keep different kinds of spiders away, you’ll need pest control in Santa Barbara.

Black widow spiders are among the most dangerous species in existence. By learning about their behavioral patterns and risks, you can build a successful prevention plan. Jhonny's Pest Control can assist you in providing business and home defense for spiders.

What Black Widow Spiders Look Like

Black widows stand out from the different kinds of spiders in the region. Their dark bodies are particularly glossy, making it difficult to mistake them for another subgroup. Females are distinguished from males by their abdominal marks, and they have a bright red blemish that might remind you of an hourglass. Regarding size, these arachnids are 0.12 to 0.51 of an inch long. 

If your property is near a grassy or woody location, black widow spiders could be a persistent problem. These outdoor critters nestle around firewood, tall grass, and organic debris. If the weather is unpleasant or their food supply of other pests diminishes, they’ll crawl into a residential zone. A messy lawn will be especially inviting to them.

Cracks in walls, doors, flooring, and windows will be entry points for black widows. They will hide in dark spaces with low traffic, like attics, closets, basements, and garages. You have an infestation if you see these nocturnal arachnids during the day or find their disorganized webs in a sheltered place by the floor. 

Why Black Widow Spiders Are So Dangerous

Neurotoxins are in the venom of black widow spiders, so you must avoid being bitten by one at all costs. Your entire nervous system may shut down or fail to function normally, never hesitate to seek immediate medical attention. Initially, you may experience localized redness, pain, swelling, and inflammation. Any lesions are cause for alarm. Other critical symptoms are:

  • Increased blood pressure or heart rate 
  • Muscle and body pain 
  • Tremors
  • Fever
  • Breathing difficulties 
  • Nausea

Children and the elderly will have more intense physical reactions from black widow bites. Individuals with heart conditions or compromised immune systems are highly vulnerable as well.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Black Widow Spider Infestation 

“Do it yourself” tricks and commercial pesticides are expensive, not intended for black widow infestations. These avenues only kill a few bugs and could be too toxic for humans, pets, and vegetation. We at Jhonny's Pest Control have top-notch interior and exterior solutions that are safe. Call us today about our affordable business and home defense for spiders!

How To Prevent Black Widow Spiders In The Future 

Implementing these preventative measures can discourage black widows and other spiders:

  • Close up openings in windows, doors, and foundations. 
  • Have leaks and moisture faults repaired as soon as possible. 
  • Use a dehumidifier to regulate warmth.
  • Reduce all clutter and potential hiding spots. 
  • Distance greenery and wood from the property. 
  • Look over outdoor furniture, storage items, and wood before bringing it indoors.  
  • Clean up any cobwebs you find. 
  • Contact Jhonny's Pest Control if you have pests that spiders eat, like ants and flies.

Whether you need deterrence or elimination support, Jhonny's Pest Control is here for you. Give us a ring!