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Spider Wars: How To Win The Battle Against Arachnids In Santa Barbara

a spider crawling in a home

Arachnophobia, or the fear of spiders, is one of the most common phobias in the United States. For many people, just thinking of a spider can send a chill down their spine. In Santa Barbara, homeowners are at risk of seeing a spider in their homes all year long. And while most spiders are not dangerous, they can still cause many people to be afraid even to step foot in their house. 

If you are dealing with a spider problem around your property, we have the perfect solution at Jhonny’s Pest Control. Pest control in Santa Barbara can be difficult to achieve if you don’t have pest control experience. But we know the best tips and tricks to help keep these creepy arachnids away. 

Spider Behavior: How They Hunt. Feed, And Mate

Spiders come in all shapes and sizes, but regardless of the species, they all pretty much have the same diet, which mainly consists of insects. However, spiders don’t have a set of teeth or the ability to eat solid food. Instead, they use their fangs to pierce through the bug’s body and inject a digestive fluid that essentially turns the prey’s insides into liquid. They are then able to drink the bug’s internal organs. 

To catch their prey, spiders will either hunt them down or build a web and wait for the prey to come to them. If the spider is a web-building species, it will usually place its web in an area that is least likely to be disturbed by humans and animals. In your home, you are most likely to find spider webs in the corners of your house, usually close to the ground or touching the ceiling. 

Not all spiders are capable of creating webs. These spiders usually hide in the shadows of your home and ambush the insects when they walk by; this means that even if you don’t see spider webs around your home, you could still have spiders lurking around it.

Getting a professional spider control expert to inspect your Santa Barbara home is the best way to determine if you have a spider problem. 

Spider Problems: Why You Don’t Want These Arachnids In Your Home

Most of the spiders found in this area do not pose a threat to humans. And it is not uncommon to accidentally bring a spider into your home occasionally. However, if you are seeing spiders in your house regularly, it could indicate that you have bigger problems in your home, such as an insect infestation or a slight water leak.

To identify the root cause of your spider problem, consult a spider exterminator at the first sign of a spider infestation.

Preventing Spiders In The House: Practical Tips And Tricks

Prevention is the most effective spider control strategy. Some of the things that you can try to keep spiders away include:

  • Seal all cracks and gaps around your windows, doors, and home. 
  • Make sure that you don’t have an insect infestation in your home. 
  • Sweep up any crumbs or spill immediately to avoid attracting insects. 
  • Don’t keep your outdoor lights on all night.

If you are unsure how spiders are getting into your house, you should contact a Santa Barbara pest control specialist who offers spider control near you and have them thoroughly inspect your home and property. 

Professional Pest Control: A Great Spider Control Solution

Teaming up with a professional spider removal service is the most effective way to eliminate spiders from your property. At Jhonny’s Pest Control, our trained, experienced technicians can identify and eliminate any type of spider infestation from your Santa Barbara property. Give us a call today to get your free quote and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Santa Barbara.