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The Secret To Effective Termite Control For Santa Barbara Properties

termites in a home

If you were starving, would you chop off a piece of your home and eat it? Most likely not. Wood, plaster, and other home-building materials are not edible to humans. Some of these materials are, however, edible to pests in our area. Today we will be talking about termites and the serious damage they cause to Santa Barbara homes. If you have never considered these destructive insects and are looking for some termites control tips to get and keep these pests off your property, here is a secret to consider today.

Signs Of Termite Activity To Look Out For Around The Property

If there's anything about termites you should know, know that they are sneaky little pests. The most common kind of termites in our area are subterranean termites. These pests live deep underground and use intricate tunnels to gain access to the wood in homes.

If your house is on a sturdy foundation, termites might create mud tubes to climb up its exterior. Mud tubes are often the first sign of termites. Other signs come after years of infestation. Here are just a few to check your home for:

  • Overly-squeaky floorboards
  • Tight-fitting doors and windows
  • Moisture spots on floors, walls, and ceilings
  • Sagging drywall
  • Bubbling paint or wallpaper
  • Buckling beams
  • Sagging floors

Something to note is that these signs are not always a direct indication of a termite problem. To determine if they are signs of termites, let Jhonny's Pest Control, Inc. experts perform a detailed inspection.

How Quickly & Quietly Termites Can Destroy A House

Termites do not just invade homes quietly; they eat wood quietly, bring it back to their nest quietly, and feed their queen so she can produce more young quietly. Now, just because these pests are quiet doesn't mean they don't work hard. Termites never sleep and work almost constantly their entire lives. As colonies mature, the rate at which these pests destroy wood rises exponentially. Often colonies branch out and create separate nests around a structure they are consuming, speeding up damage further. The only way to avoid severe termite damage is to reduce factors that draw these pests in, in the first place.

Five Eco-Friendly Termite Prevention Tips For Around The Property

One great method to keep termites out of your Santa Barbara home is to put some eco-friendly prevention tips in place. Here are five our experts recommend you try today:

  1. Identify holes, cracks, and gaps around your home's exterior foundation. Seal these entry points using a caulk.
  2. Make sure your gutter system is in good working order and channeling water away from your home's wood.
  3. Eliminate sources of water buildup around your home's exterior.
  4. Repair damage to leaky piping and address dripping faucets and fixtures.
  5. Replace or repair structural wood inside your home that is water-damaged, rotting, or in decay.

The Most Effective Termite Control For Santa Barbara Properties

Addressing a pest problem in Santa Barbara can either be a nightmare or a walk in the park. It all depends on who you choose for the job. At Jhonny's Pest Control, Inc., we put great effort into making our Santa Barbara pest control options as effective and non-invasive as possible. With competitive pricing and a commitment to your satisfaction, you will be hard-pressed to find any other company that will take care of your needs as well as we will. 

Contact Jhonny's Pest Control, Inc. today to discover more about our residential and commercial termite control options in Santa Barbara and find a time to have your Santa Barbara home thoroughly inspected for these destructive insects.